Custom Packs


TLC Custom Packs are the simple solution for back-to-school shopping. Never go store to store school supply shopping again!


Our Custom Packs are designed to assist parents in a simple and stress free process of purchasing the exact items needed for their child’s school supply lists. With our Custom Packs you won’t have to worry about wasting your time going through crowded stores. School supplies will be delivered straight to the school with personalized labels with the student’s name and grade.


TLC provides a hassle free environment when it comes to ordering and delivering school supplies.


We supply name brand quality products such as Elmers, Crayola, Kleenex, Sharpie, Fiskars and many more. We provide free inside delivery on all of our custom pack deliveries. Simply tell the driver where you want the custom packs to be put. For more information regarding Custom Packs or if you would like to order items directly from us simply give us a call and let one of our expert consultants help you with any other questions or concerns.


Program Information


We hope that you find that this section of our website is equipped with all the things you need to make running the TLC program both easy and successful for your school!


You can choose to run the TLC Program as a fundraiser or simply as a convenience to your parents.


TLC offers you much more than prepackaged school supplies, with it you gain the following advantages:


Consistent: Tool Box matches student's grade level's supply list


Convenient: We take your list, package it and deliver it right to your school


Cost saving: We buy directly from the manufacturer, which saves you lots of money


Fundraising: Raise money for your school by offering it as a fundraiser


Risk Free: Individual schools or PTA/PTOs are not forced to purchase unsold boxes




TLC is a customized prepackaged school supplies kit at a price that beats even the local "Big Mart". We provide your students with all of the supplies they will need for their grade level, according to your school's exact supply list. We use name brand products and guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Getting started (if you are a PTO/PTA, school or school district)


1. Request a quote: Mail, email, or fax (1-888-534-3621) your supply list for each grade level to TLC.


2. Receive & Approve the quote: Once the quote is received it should be reviewed carefully for accuracy. If the quote is accurate then it should be signed and returned along with the required paperwork which you will receive with the initial quotes.


3. Promote the program: TLC provides you with a Promotional Packet with great ideas and tips on how to promote your program to the parents. The more you promote the program the higher your sales will be. Sample boxes are available for you to put in a school display case or set up during school events.


4. Send home order forms: TLC will create customized order forms that will go home to the parents. This provides the parents with all the information they need when placing the order.


5. Collect order forms and payment: Once you have reached your order form turn in deadline, collect all the order forms and payments. Fill out our order organizer which will total all of your orders per grade. Package it together with the student names list (for personalized labels) and a check for payment.


6. Receive your order: Your order is shipped for arrival during your requested delivery week complete with instructions and hints for easy distribution.



Remember to promote the TLC Program at all your PTO/PTA events!!


The more you spread the word, the greater the participation. Here are some examples of places to set up your display and put up posters and other advertisements about the program:


Open House

Book Fairs

Parent Teacher Conferences

Movie Nights

Fun Fairs

Holiday Events

Kindergarten Registration

TLC takes your child's classroom school supply list that we receive from his/her teachers and then prepackages those supplies together in a customized box, and delivers it directly to your school. That means more time for making memories over the summer with your child without having to worry about school supply shopping.

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