Q. What is the best product?

A. The best product in the world won't sell without superior organization and motivation


Q. What is the profit percentage?

A. 40-50% in most cases, however, be careful comparing because some companies offer higher percentages, but do not offer basic services such as cost of materials needed, brochures, prizes, shipping charges, pre-sorting by student or full return privileges!


Q. Will you match the profit percent offered by another company?

A. TLC Fundraising & Promotions offers the most competitive packages in the industry. This includes profit, signing bonus, prize programs, order fulfillment with the pic-to-light system (1 of only 4 in the industry) and close-out of the project.


Q. Who sorts the product?

A. Almost every order is sorted by individual and by homeroom/period. Discount cards, candy and very small frozen food orders would be some exceptions.


Q. Who pays for the pre-sorting, prizes, shipping & returns?

A. These are basic services provided at no cost to our clients.


Q. Do you have a children's gift shop for Christmas?

A. Yes, TLC has partnered to offer the new Kid's Korner Children's Holiday Shopping Store. Your group actually sets its profit margin and our new no inventory program allows you to figure the money collected and pay the bill without having to inventory before or after your gift shop. We provide merchandise, price cards, gift bags, carry home bags, bilingual parent letters, gift envelopes, tally sheets, table cloths, posters, announcement promotion guide complete with announcements and volunteer scheduling guides. WOW!

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