1. BEST QUALITY & PRICES . . . the people at TLC do everything in their power to make sure that our merchandise is the best price. And when it comes to quality, our quality guarantee is unmatched. If for any reason someone is unhappy with a purchase, we will refund or replace that item even 60 or 90 days after your event.


2. NO INVENTORY . . . With TLC you don't have to take time to inventory product when it arrives, plus you don't have to take an inventory when the sale is over and there are no more hours of figuring your own bill when you use our E-Z No Inventory system. This saves most groups hours of precious volunteer time.


3. NO INVESTMENT . . . TLC delivers all merchandise to you with the understanding that you pay only for what you have sold after you have sold it. And to make sure you have enough merchandise to supply all of your children without having to do reorders, we will ship you 150% what you sold last year.


4. NO RISKS . . . TLC takes back all unsold merchandise for full credit. You are never stuck with any unsold merchandise.


5. WE HAVE FINANCIAL HELP FOR KIDS . . . we provide qualified schools with Kids' Bucks that can be given to those students who need financial aid.


6. FREE SALES AIDS . . .TLC does not charge you for any of the advertising material they supply you with. (ie: Has Arrived Flyers, Gift Guide Envelopes, Posters, Table Cloths, Chairperson Success Manual, etc. are all FREE.)

7. FREE SUPPLIES . . . TLC provides you with gift bags for each gift. Plus, Plastic Bags for the children to carry home their gifts. All at no charge to your group.


8. NO FREIGHT COSTS . . . With TLC there are no hidden freight costs. We pay to have the merchandise delivered to you and to have it picked up.


9. INSURANCE . . . Our merchandise is backed by a $5,000,000.00 product liability policy. When you run a holiday shop you are selling merchandise to children in the school building, unlike your fund raising programs where most customers are adults. We believe the industry standard of 1 million dollars in product liability is just not enough protection when you are selling merchandise to children.


10. LOCAL . . . TLC has a Local Sales Representative, who you can call to receive Friendly Assistance before, during and after your sale.

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